Why You Need a Self Care Kit & How to Make One

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and while most people are focused on relationships right now, there’s one relationship that should really come first – the one we have with ourselves. Taking care of ourselves, loving ourselves and even speaking positively of ourselves can be extra hard in age when comparison and self-criticism are at the forefront. For the bad days, when negative thoughts are in the driver’s seat, having a way to easily reset can be extremely beneficial for our mental health. That is where a self care kit comes in. I’ve used the things in my kit for years, but only recently did I go through the process of “building” a self care kit. Taking time to create one, will give you go-to resources and items that help you take care of yourself at the flip of a switch.

First, I’m going to share with you the process of building a self care kit. Then, I’ll share what’s inside mine and how it has recently helped me.

How to Create a Self Care Kit

I promise it’s not as complicated as it sounds. You may already have a few items in mind that you enjoy for pampering yourself and unwinding. Just remember that the purpose of a self care kit is to help you take care of YOU. This process is about taking time to identify the things that you really love so you can easily take care of yourself when the day comes that you are feeling depleted.

I recommend purchasing the best quality products your budget will allow or at least products that you truly love, regardless of the price. This is a way to show yourself some extra love and signal to your brain that you’re WORTH the indulgence and the time it takes to indulge yourself.

As far as the physical kit goes, try keeping your self care kit ingredients in one place, like a shoebox or drawer. That will make it really easy when you need some self care. Another option is for your kit to be a list of your go-to self care ingredients that you can grab as needed. You can make a self care kit note on your phone for easy access that way, too. So don’t skimp on quality just for the sake of a lower price.

Lastly, remember your self care kit is yours alone. It should serve you! It can be as simple or as complex as you want. As long as it gives you an easy way to take care of yourself, you’ll be all set!

Inside My Self Care Kit

Now, it’s time to share the items inside my self care kit! These are items I personally love using. They make me feel cozy and like my home has turned into at a spa. Hopefully, this gives you some ideas for what should be in your kit.

Comfy Pajamas

This might not seem like a big deal for most people, but I rarely buy myself pajamas. I usually just lounge in sweats and t-shirts, so having a cute and cozy PJ set really makes me feel pampered.

Fancy Candle

What better way to relax than to have the room fill up with a wonderful smell? The nest candles in bamboo is one of those smells I think everyone would find amazing. Definitely makes me feel like I’m at the spa! I light mine when I’m reading in bed or writing at my desk.

Shearling Slippers

Slippers are another simple, little thing I love to wear at the end of a long day.

Bath Bomb

A bath is such a great way to exercise self care, and these bath bombs are such an easy way to take your bath time up a notch. They smell really good!

Sugar Body Scrub

This is item might look familiar if you saw follow me on Instagram. This body scrub makes your skin SO smooth afterwards and the aroma gives you that spa day feeling that I clearly go for!

Face Masks

I have a stock pile of face masks ready to use after a long day. Not only do they leave my face feeling refreshed, but they also help me slow down, relax and reflect.

Eye Masks

These are one of my favorite indulgences! My eyes get tired and feel strained after a full day of looking at computers and screens all day, so I love to give my eyes some TLC. I use them a couple times each week.

Body Lotion

I’ve shared a more affordable body lotion but for my self care kit, I use the best of the best. I first got this lotion in a FabFitFun box and it’s been a high-end favorite of mine ever since. It’s super hydrating, smells amazing and goes on easily.

Ice Roller

I love this ice roller! I use it in the morning when I need a little extra pampering and feel like my eyes are puffy. It’s perfect for the morning after a difficult night! I also use it when I have headaches.

I most recently used items in my self care kit after a long work week. Last year, I used these items very frequently because I was stressed out with my work situation. There are times when I just used one thing and there are times when I’ve used just about everything in my self care kit.

There’s no right way to use your self care kit. Also, it’s important to remember there may be self care “activities” that help you relax like reading a book or going for a walk. Making a little list of those things you love doing for yourself is a great addition to a self care kit, too.

Lastly, self-care kits make great gifts for friends or moms. I mean, who wouldn’t appreciate a little more self care in their life?!

I’d love to hear if you’ve created a self care kit and what self care products you love!


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